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VISCALGIC® is an orally administered product for viscosupplementation indicated to support joint comfort, cartilage health and articular mobility


VISCALGIC® delivers a substantial quantity of hyaluronic acid (HA) inside the joint tissues to reduce stiffness and improve joint function.

The oral HA is absorbed and distributed to bone, cartilage and synovial fluid and is retained in those tissues for prolonged periods. As a result, the quantity and quality of HA are restored, thus ensuring a good lubrication and shock absorption in the joint.

What is Viscalgic

Benefits of Viscalgic®

VISCALGIC improves joint function, reduces stiffness and increases the range of motion.


Joint comfort

Cartilage health

Articular mobility

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Behind the science  


VISCALGIC  and VISCALGIC GS are manufactured in the United Kingdom under strict quality control and meet the requirements of the highest technical standards. An optimized risk management process that goes above and beyond regulatory compliance has been implemented.

We manufacture VISCALGIC and VISCALGIC GS  in small batches in order to provide only fresh products.

VISCALGIC and  VISCALGIC GS are composed of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients of non-animal origin. As a result, VISCALGIC and VISCALGIC GS have a high purity, an improved biological activity and are free from animal proteins potentially responsible for allergic reactions.


VISCALGIC and VISCALGIC GS are suitable for halal, kosher, vegan and vegetarian diets. 


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